Bail Instructor Certification Training Academy
Bail Bonds & Bounty Hunting Film School for Filmmakers

This Bailspeak Modeled Bail Education Instructor Certification Training School Website is Now undergoing Heavy Research and Development but is in a continuous State of Actionable steps to offer any experienced Bail Agent with Bounty Hunting Experience a Protracted Academy and Optional Ongoing Support Structure so that you yourself can Conceptualize, Create, Build, Operate, and Succeed and Thrive in Training Up the Next Generation of Bail Professionals in any State where there is Commercial Bail Bonds.  Please Check Back Soon for the Latest Developments ~ Thank You.  (rev. 07SEP15)

BAIL BOND AND BOUNTY HUNTER FILM PRODUCTIONS is one of the little known sister business operations of the Bailspeak Bail Training School and is now being Value Engineered into the Bailspeak Bail Instructor Academy six-week, live-in, stress academy that is being designed to instill the actionable tools to get its graduates the best possible chance to go out and make their very own bail bond and bounty hunting schools successful anywhere that there is commercial bail in the United States.


This is an unheard of opportunity not to engage in a so-called “franchise” but, rather, to get trained and go out on your own.


However, the Bailspeak Brand is Fiercely Guarded, and only those who successfully negotiate an intense education tempo will complete the training and learn the entire minutia that Rex Venator put into action to make Bailspeak and its many sister companies “Run in the Black” for nearly this whole past decade!


An unavoidable part of the Bailspeak Bail Instructor Academy will be the Film and Web Design School.  Graduates must know how to market their own bail bond and bounty hunting schools as a primary goal, but it is also important to know how to provide the same service as a means of alternative income, or to have a full understanding of the workings of this vital aspect of running a successful business, even if one chooses to “hire out” (another service Bailspeak offers).


Twelve years ago, Rex Venator approached real estate agents and offered to help them get their listings on the Internet by and through online videos.  Some had the vision to hire Rex, but others laughed Rex out of their offices.


Today, the top real estate agents in the Country now use high production Internet Videos to remain top real estate agents, but Rex’s history in the area is tale telling to be sure.


The Bail Instructor Academy is coming, and those prepared and willing to tackle the next evolution of business success will be on the cutting edge and included with those who even dare to attempt this fast approaching Bail Instructor Academy.


Thank You, Evie ~ Venator Group Analyst

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The All New Bailspeak Bail Instructor Academy is a Value Engineered Six-Week, Live-In Stress Academy wherein those who are able and willing to carry on the Bailspeak Brand as a pedigree for their very own bail education schools anywhere that there is commercial bail in these United States will include exceptional blocks of instruction on many things and to include a Bounty Hunter Film Production Module designed to get graduates well versed in “multiple revenue streams” while they build up their very own bail bond and bounty hunter schools.


This is not a so-called, “franchise opportunity.”  This is a full blown set of courses revealing the secrets of how one man took an idea, a hundred bucks, and put decades of his self-taught disciplines into action to make Bailspeak the juggernaut that it has become and in under five years!


This unprecedented set of instructional blocks includes the following:


           Website Design & After Launch Consulting

           Impactful Still Ads that Won’t Get Drowned Out

           Social Media Blitz Advertising that Goes to High Ranking

           YouTube Video Juggernauts Based on Expansive Market Analysis

           Top Ranking Search Engine Results within 90 days of Constant Adjustments

           Value Engineered Marketing Programs with a “Fire for Effect” Proven Approach


This All New Program is under development.


In the meantime, Bailspeak’s closely guarded film production secrets are available for any Bailspeak Alumni’s business to engage in discussions concerning how to get your telephone ringing with web design, film production, Marketing and SEO services and all of which is by real bounty hunters and bail bond company owners who have been where you are and learned how to get ahead of the competition.


Thank You, Evie ~ Venator Group Analyst